Commercial Property Owners Beware: 3 Hazards Of Do-It-Yourself Electrical Work

There are numerous reasons why you may want to do your own electrical work. Saving money is a prime motivator for completing work on your commercial property. If you have the tools to do it, you may be eager to get started. However, you should strongly consider the hazards that are associated with do-it-yourself electrical work. Below you will discover three major reasons to think twice about tackling these tasks on your own.

Causing An Electrical Fire

An electrical fire is a very common type of fire. In many instances, these fires are caused due to mistakes and accidents. Some of the top causes include:

  • faulty electrical outlets, switches, and appliance cords

  • outdated or improper installation of electrical wiring

  • misuse or improper installation of light bulbs and light fixtures

In addition to this, 20% of fires in Canada are electrical fires. Without the proper knowledge needed to do electrical work, you significantly raise the risk of accidentally starting a fire. Hiring a commercial electrician drastically reduces the likelihood of these mistakes occurring.

Financial Damage Caused By Electrical Mishaps

Aside from the physical damage caused by fire, you should consider the financial impact. Imagine that your simple do-it-yourself electrical task leads to a fire. You may have to:

  • Cover the expenses of injured employees or building residents. Workers compensation cases and personal injury cases can use up a significant amount of money.

  • Pay for post-damage cleanup and repairs. You may end up spending thousands of dollars or more on recovery.

  • Close your property on a short-term or long-term basis. This leads to a loss of revenue if you operate a business out of your commercial property.

With all of these potential consequences, you may not save a dime through do-it-yourself work. Why take on the high risk of accidents, injuries, and damage? Have a skilled electrician with experience complete any electrical jobs for you. In the long run, the investment is certainly worth it.

Misunderstanding Instructions And City Codes

There are numerous building codes for electrical wiring and similar matters. Throughout Canada, these codes are imposed by the National Building Code of Canada. It is easy to misunderstand or overlook a regulation if you are not familiar with electrical work.

Each province has their own codes and regulations, too. For example, Alberta imposes fines ranging from $15,000 to $100,000 (It is easy to misunderstand or overlook a regulation if you are not familiar with electrical work) for violating building codes related to fire and safety. Even if you have made an honest mistake, you may end up paying high fines for a violation.

Overall, the benefits of do-it-yourself electrical work are outweighed by the potential consequences. Between physical damage and financial loss, you are taking on a large risk by attempting this work on your own. Using the services of a commercial electrician is an ideal way to prevent these negative outcomes.

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