Easy Ways To Teach Your Children To Conserve Electricity

The cost of living has increased nearly everywhere over the last few years. This includes the cost of groceries, the cost of gasoline for transportation and the cost of electricity to provide power in your home. For most adults, cutting back on the amount of electricity that is used everyday is not a hard routine to get into. But did you ever think about how much more you could save on the cost of electricity if you got your children in this routine as well? It is not uncommon for young people to simply forget how important it is to conserve electricity. These are some ways you can help them learn so that conserving electricity becomes like second nature to them.

Use the Daily Reward System 

Young children love to be competitive. If you have more than one child at home, make conserving electricity fun by making it a contest. The child that remembers to turn off unused lighting, televisions that are not being watched and game systems that are not being played the most wins a special prize.

You can choose inexpensive toys or favorite treats as the prizes that will make your children feel extra special when they earn them. You actually do not have to buy a prize. The reward can be extra play time, picking the book or movie that you will enjoy with them or even allowing them to choose what type of healthy snack everyone will have.

Choose a Daily Leader 

During the early years at school, such as preschool and kindergarten, being the class leader is a very important role. Take turns each day letting your children have this role all day long. The duties of the leader will include turning off all the lights and other electrical components that are not being used at the time.

This helps teach a child that being responsible includes being conservative with the power that is used in your home. As they grow older, this lesson will stick with them and they are more likely to be just as conservative as an adult.

Set Limits on Power Use 

Another great way to teach your children how important it is to conserve electricity is to teach them how much power is used by each electrical component. Research how much electricity is used to keep televisions, computers, DVD players, and game consoles running for an hour each day. Place sticky notes on them to show how much is used by each.

Give each child equal amount time limits on how much their favorite components are used each day. They will be more likely to use them only when they want to watch their favorite shows or play their favorite games. 

Once you have a steady routine with your children conserving electricity, you may see a noticeable difference in the cost of power in your home. As a special reward, you may wish to use the money that you save to pay for special outings that your children will enjoy. This too teaches them that if they are saving money now, they will have more to enjoy later.

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